Get a temporary email address

It's fast, free and anonymous


Forward Cat is a service that allows you to quickly create a temporary email address that automatically forwards to your real email address.

Important: we reserve the right to cancel or block your account without any further notice if you are found to be sending spam. If you believe someone is using this service to spam, please report it.

You can also contact us for any other issue.

Don't reveal your address

Forward Cat is anonymous- give out a disposable email address when you don't want to disclose your real address.

Avoid spam

Forward Cat provides a way to stop companies and individuals from continuing to send you emails after you've concluded your desired transaction. Keep your address out of sight!

When to use Forward Cat

Use a temporary email address to register for websites that ask for your details in exchange for access, or to sell something on a classifieds site.

Totally private

Forward Cat doesn't store your emails, and they're not visible to anyone except you. Your temporary email address will be totally deactivated after its lifespan comes to an end.